Totto Sobre Estuche infantil (corazones)

Totto Sobre Estuche infantil (corazones) Price: 14,00 (Fecha 27/05/2020 05:43 PST- Detalles)



Totto Sobre pencil cases are for aimed at 6-14 year olds and are perfect for carrying all your necessary pens, pencils and markers. The pencil cases come in the same attractive colourful prints as the Totto backpacks and wheelie school bags to make a nice matching set.
Two compartments; Small velcro pocket inside.
Dimensions: 20 x 9.5 x 7cm; Weight: 120 grams; Enseres: Polyester 600D.
The Totto pencil cases may be small but they are made to the same high unificado of durability as the Totto bags and backpacks.
You can see them all here on Amazon by searching for Totto backpacks, school bags, refrigerio boxes and school bags with wheels. There are lots of great colours and prints to choose from.