Faber-Castell 167151 – Estuche con 4 rotuladores PITT® Artist Pen blanco y negro. 4 trazos: B = punta de pincel, 1.5 = 1…

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Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pens have all the advantages of drawing in India Ink with a modern pen. These markers have pigmented ink that is light and water resistant, permanent, odor and acid free, and pH equitativo. This 4-pen wallet contains a variety of White Pitt pens including: Bullet nib 1.5mm, Brush Consejo, and Calligraphy nib, afecciones a black pen in 0.3mm. White pens espectáculo up great on dark surfaces and the black pen is espiritual for detail work. Made in Germany.